Chipping, Leaf, and Yard Waste Collection

The Village picks up yard waste material on a weekly basis between the months of April and November. The Village typically begins collecting and chipping branches the second week of April. Additionally, the Village picks up leaves in October and November.

UPDATE: Village Requests Residents NOT Use Leaf Collection / Yard Waste Bags beginning in October: 
In October,  the Whitefish Bay Public Works Department crews will begin collecting leaves and yard waste placed in the roadway curb area by Village residents.  This year, the Village requests that residents do not put leaves and yard waste in leaf collection bags. 

Residents can place leaves and small yard waste debris directly in the roadway near the curb. Branches can still be left in the parkway area for brush chipper collection at this time.

Yard waste collected by Public Works is temporarily stored at a DNR-approved joint use municipal site in Glendale until it is hauled away, recycled, and turned into organic compost. 

Thank you for your cooperation and helping our Public Works Department maintain efficiency during the leaf collection season! Thank You!

When Will Leaf Pick-Up Begin?

Public Works begins leaf collection on Monday, October 17 (weather permitting). Collection is typically weekly, but there is no specific collection schedule. Collection is dependent on crew availability and the volume of leaves that need to be collected.

Where Do I Place My Leaves?

Leaves should be placed near or in the curb of the street. Please place leaves away from storm inlets as leaf decay can clog storm sewers and add unwanted material to Lake Michigan.

Can I Throw Yard Waste in the Leaf Pile?

The Village encourages property owners to throw certain yard waste material (yard waste is plant material such as flowers and garden material, grass clippings are not permitted) in the leaf piles to preclude a separate yard waste pick-up. Branches, sticks, and other woody material should not be placed with the leaves and should be left on the boulevard/parkway for chipping.

What Does the Village Do With the Leaves?

Most of the leaves are temporarily stored and composted at a DNR monitored site shared with the City of Glendale. In the spring, the composted piles are hauled away by a private sod grower and used as sod bedding material.

When Is the Last Day That Leaves or Yard Waste Will Be Picked Up?

The DPW will run yard waste crews to pick-up leaves until the first significant snowfall or through the first week in December. 

Yard Waste Material Drop Site

Residents with yard waste material after December 1 (and throughout the winter months) may dispose of it at the Shorewood Transfer Station. The transfer station is located at 3801 N Morris Boulevard in Shorewood. It is open:
  • December to March, 1st Saturday of each month (only), 8 a.m. - 2 p.m. 
  • April - November, 1st and 3rd Saturdays of each month, 8 a.m. - 2 p.m.
Click here for fees for disposal of household refuse and/or yard waste. No multi-axle vehicles, construction, or demolition debris can be accepted. 
  1. Chipping
  2. Yard Waste

Rules & Guidelines

Chipping material should be placed in the parkway between the curb and the sidewalk. It should not obstruct the sidewalk or be placed in the street.


The Village typically begins collecting and chipping branches the second week of April.  There is no set schedule for branch collection.

Special Pickup

A pile of branches over 5 X 7 X 20 requires a scheduled special pick up. The minimum charge is $45

Contractor Waste

The Village does not pick up contractor waste from any residential or commercial landscaping project. Village Collectors will tag any construction waste that is put out on the curb to notify the property owner that these materials will not collected by the Village. Please arrange with your landscaping contractor to remove the waste they created.