Refuse and Recycling Collection


2023 Refuse and Recycling Schedule:

Information Booklet:

Important Reminders for the Refuse and Recycling Program:

  • Please space all carts at least 3 feet apart and away from trees, cars, etc.
  • Refuse will continue to be picked up weekly. Recycling will be collected every other week.
  • Please have all refuse and recycling to the curb by 7:00 am on pickup day.
  • Your Refuse collection and Recycling day of the week will not change and are the same.

Proper Cart Placement for Refuse and Recycling:

  • Only Village Carts for Refuse and Recycling may be used. The small recycling bins are no longer acceptable for Recycling pickup.
  • Required cart placement is on the parkway, driveway apron or outside alley garage with lid closed
  • Carts should open towards the street or alley with the handle toward the house
  • Carts should be placed at least three feet apart from each other and any other obstruction on both sides of cart, and a maximum of three feet from the curb
  • All household waste must be put inside carts for collection
  • All recycling goes in the blue recycling cart 
  • All refuse goes in the new gray refuse cart 
  • Additional carts (refuse and recycling) are available for sale for $75 each. Pay in person or by mail, call 414-962-6690, download order form, or email to order by mail.

Special Refuse Pickups:

  • Free refuse special pickup of non-domestic waste under 4’X4’X7’ for structural item(s) that cannot be broken down to fit inside the refuse cart (example: chair). You do not need to call this in, and can place item(s) next to the cart, making sure there is 3 feet between the item and the cart, on your collection day free of charge.
  • Paid Special Pickups:  $45 payment can be submitted to Village Hall in person 8:00 am – 4:30 pm Monday through Friday, mailed or placed in the lobby lock box after hours. For mail or lock box payments please include the following information: name, address, phone number and what the payment is for.  Once payment has been received paid special pickups may be scheduled when given a minimum of 24 hour notification. $45 paid special pickups include:
    • Non-domestic waste between 4’X4’X7’ and 5’X5’X15’ (example: sectional sofa). Over this size may incur additional charges.
    • Domestic waste collected outside of the refuse cart (example: refuse bags).
    • Recycling outside of recycling cart up to 5’X5’X15’. Over this size may incur additional charges.
    • Chipping materials up to 5’X7’X20’. Over this size may incur additional charges.
    • Yard Waste of 25-50 paper bags. Over this size may incur additional charges.

Forbidden Items:

  • No grass clippings, contractor waste, or styrofoam peanuts are allowed in refuse or recycling.
  • No dirt or grass clippings are allowed in yard waste.
  • Only dried latex paint is allowed in refuse. Please remove lid and place dried latex cans next to the gray refuse cart. No other types of paint are acceptable in refuse or recycling.  See MMSD Hazmat collection sites for all other paint and other hazardous materials.