Racial Equity Statement

I am proud to share the Village's statement on racial equity, which was approved by the Board on Monday, July 13. This statement is simply the first step in a thoughtful and deliberate journey towards achieving racial equity in our community. Your engagement is central to our success, and we encourage you to contact Village Manager Paul Boening at manager@wfbvillage.org with questions, concerns and feedback. - Julie Siegel, President

Racial Equity Statement: Recent events throughout our country, including here locally, have prompted important conversations about racial equity and what that looks like in our community. The Village of Whitefish Bay is moved to express our position and commitment to residents.                                   

We are committed to continuing to make Whitefish Bay an inclusive, accepting village, where all are welcomed regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, religion, sexual orientation, mental/physical ability or socio-economic status. Our schools educate all students to the highest standards and Village staff care deeply about serving residents. Our police department values diversity and is trained to treat all people with empathy and the utmost respect.                   

The Village of Whitefish Bay is committed to building positive community relationships and trust with residents and visitors alike. We do this through ongoing learning and long-term transformation rooted in integrity, community and transparency. This includes, but is not limited to:                                  

  • Reviewing current Village policies to identify and end potentially prejudicial or biased practices, ensuring inclusivity from our employees and representatives                                
  • Encouraging participation and enhancing representation of all of our community members across Village programs, services and activities                    
  • Seeking opportunities to engage community members with diverse perspectives, experiences and cultural backgrounds                                   
  • Becoming a model community for partnerships between all racial, ethnic and cultural groups

We are working with local organizations and thought leaders to help guide us and ask residents to join us as we take deliberate steps to enrich our community. We promise to remain transparent with our efforts and will share opportunities for resident participation, both formal and informal, throughout this journey.                                   

The mission of the Whitefish Bay municipal government is to enhance the quality of life for Village residents and prioritizing racial equity is essential to that mission. Together, we will shape a stronger Whitefish Bay that all residents can be proud to call home.                                   

 Approved by the Whitefish Bay Village Board on the 13th day of July, 2020